New Group Forming in Fall 2019!

We live in a patriarchal society where men hold power and privilege at an enormous cost. From a very young age, we are taught what is "masculine" and "feminine" and to perform our gender accordingly. Most men have been taught to value independence, strength, and willpower over intimacy, empathy, and vulnerability. We are overwhelmed by big feelings, as most of us were never taught the skills to manage them or to value our own emotionality.

This group will deconstruct narratives of toxic masculinity that are harmful to people of all genders and build new forms of healthy masculinity that value vulnerability and aim to promote intimacy and meaningful connection in our lives. We will examine the power and privilege we hold and consider a variety of actions we can take to support people who are more disempowered than ourselves in our everyday lives.

This group is for male-identified & non-binary individuals with an interest in detoxing masculinity. Feminists and feminist-curious welcomed!

Please email to sign up for this group or inquire for more information.